Here’s how to begin our partnership:

  • Let me know you’re interested and what products you would like to offer free of charge with free shipping.
    • I prefer items worth $10 or less for giveaways to be sure I am not taking advantage of you. However, I am open to more expensive items, providing I can make it worth your while through other types of promotions.
  • I will fave your store on Etsy so I can contact you for future giveaways.
    • There is no rush in time frame as I will do giveaways throughout the year.
    • Once I contact you, I will ask if you would reserve certain items for me to use in my giveaway.
    • It’s probably best I leave it to you to decide how to make the item free to the person who wins it, through a promo code or otherwise, since I am not knowledgeable about that.
  • If you are interested in further types of promotion or would like a different deal, let me know and I will consider it.
    • For example, if I think your shop is one my readers would love I can do an Artisan Interview blog post about you, name you as a sponser on my most popular posts, do a product review if you send me free merchandise, and possibly even put an ad for your shop on my blog for a few months.
You will gain exposure when I share the giveaway in these places:
  • My blog, which has 77 followers and my top posts have up to 30k+ shares on Pinterest, though most have more like 30-100
  • My DeviantArt account and groups, which have a combined total of 760 followers.
  • My facebook page, which has 156 likes
  • One one or more of my pinterest boards, which have between 500-700 followers
  • My other social media accounts, most of wich have 100-200 followers.

Here’s a sample of how your product and shop might be featured in a blog post:


Entering is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Follow my blog ( if you don’t already.
2. Share this post on social media or tag two friends

3. Comment letting me know what you did!


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Check out these fabulous prizes I picked out for you:

Adorable bookish earrings by BeadSparkleZ
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Infinity scarf available in several colors by MadiMadeCo
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